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All in a week

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My blood transfusion I had last Friday gave me a boost.  I went from 7.6 to 9.0.  Still low, but I’ll take it.  The bottom of normal is 12.  All in all, my energy has improved slightly.  I thank God for that.  The color in my face returned a bit.  I don’t look as creepy as I used to.

Wednesday I had another round of chemo.  It went fine.

Today I woke up looking like I was punched in the nose.  No bruising, just a puffy nose bridge and eyes.  I have no idea what that’s from, but I’m too tired to care.

Later today, Dusty and Brooklyn are taking me to Lemmen-Holton Cancer Pavilion to have a Thoracentesis.  This is to drain the fluid from the space between my lungs and my chest wall.  I’ve been told they do this “all the time” and “they’re really good at it”, but I’m still nervous.  Any prayers you could provide today around 12 noon or 1 o’clock would be greatly appreciated.  Please pray my lungs and/or no other major organs are accidentally punctured.

We thank everyone for their kindness.  Whether it’s taking care of our kids, prayers, cards of encouragement, meals, gift cards, etc.  It’s all so uplifting.

Thank you for walking through the desert with us.  Cheering us on.  Reminding us that you’re in our corner.

We are to pray in times of adversity, lest we become faithless and unbelieving.

We are to pray in times of prosperity, lest we become boastful and proud.

We are to pray in times of danger, lest we become fearful and doubting.

We are to pray in times of security, lest we become self-sufficient.

-From one of my daily devotion books Hope for Each Day by Billy Graham

7 Responses to “All in a week”

  1. Joy Koning says:

    Praying for you today that your procedure may go very smoothly and painless….also for increased energy! ps. you NEVER look creepy! 🙂

  2. Jana Ver Beek says:

    Praying this will give you some relief, Lindy.
    I second Joy’s comment…you never look creepy. 🙂

  3. Christina Adamski says:

    Praying right now !!

  4. Dani says:

    Love ya girl! PRaying you through this.

  5. Audrey Byker says:

    Every single time we pass your house I pray…we are keeping the faith for you and your family always!

  6. Aunt Carole says:

    So glad that by now this procedure is behind you and we pray it will give you relief! And if anyone looks at you and thinks you look creepy, they’re only seeing you skin deep and not for all the true, Godly beauty you are inside!! Much love & prayers…

  7. Cheryl says:

    I have been praying for u regularly. But I haven’t had anything that seemed encouraging to say. Hope the thoracentesis went well. The staff may say procedures are routine (I have said it). But the needle isn’t poking into them. I am studying Beth moore’s patriarchs with my mom. Page 153 talks about differences between Jacob & Esau. Esau ran and Jacob limped she quotes 2cor 4:17. She also quotes from the Talmud God says to man with thy very wounds I will heal thee. When I can find no reasoning for suffering mind body or spirit, this is what I think about. God wants me 2 C with his eyes & look where he is looking. As your family suffers and you cling to God, God is healing in his eternal way. He is embracing you and your family every moment of every day. Hold on saying like Jacob “I will not let you go until you bless me”

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