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“Friends of the Heart”

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We are continuing to adjust to the new “normal” around the house.   Since Lindy’s treatments are complete until summer, we’re able to focus more time on family and giving back in any way we can.   We’re enjoying each other and every day we can spend as a ‘normal’ family. 

I was approached a few months back to join the Board of Directors for Compassionate Heart Ministry in Zeeland.   For those that don’t know about Compassionate Heart, it’s a special place where teens and young adults with disabilities can go to socialize, hang out and just enjoy each other in a loving, Christian environment.  Located in City on A Hill, Compassionate Heart serves a part of society that many treat as outcasts.  Cool things happen there. 
Watch the video to learn more. 

Here’s where I appeal for your help.  Lindy and I have seen your awesome generosity and spirit—we’d love to have you rally behind this cause.   On April 20, 2010, Compassionate Heart will hold its only fundraising event “Friends of the Heart” at Faith Reformed Church in Zeeland.  Come, we’ll eat a great dinner together, meet some of the kids/parents, and listen to Chris Klein—someone with a personal story that won’t leave a dry eye in the house.    Your tax deductible donation for the dinner will go 100% towards Compassionate Heart. 

If you can’t make the dinner but want to help in another way, use the form as well.  We’ll get in touch with you.  Thank you so much for making a difference to our youth at Compassionate Heart.



Home Coming

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Lindy is being very strong after this life-changing surgery–imagine that! 

Yesterday went better than expected and her pain is managed appropriately.  She’s got the gleem back in her eyes again and she’s already been walking down the halls.  In fact, we got the orders that she’ll be discharged to my care later today.  Apparently, our insurance company only cover two nights at the hospital for all she’s been through.   So, I’ll be bringing my sweetie home later today and will do my best to get her well again.  She’s a pretty patient, so I welcome the challenge.

Emotionally, we’re still numb.  Personally, I think this is the prayers and positive thoughts people are sending our way.  Numb is better than sad…we’ll take numb.  It seems weird (I’m sure psychologists would have a hay day with this),     but please pray for numb–it’s getting us through this. 

Love you all,  Dusty & Lindy

It’s done

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We just got word that the surgeries are done.

During the six hour surgery, she had both breasts removed, lymph nodes removed, a hysterectomy, and her bladder tied up. The great news is that her ovaries were clear so she was able to keep them.

Thank you all for your prayers and well-wishes. We are so in awe of each of you.

Half Way There

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Wow, this has been quite a day. Lindy has made it through phase one of the surgery and is now moving to the second part. Looks like another couple hours before it will be done.

Cancer Wordle

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