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See You Later Mom

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I said “see you later” to my Mom this week on Father’s Day.  She passed away after a ravaging battle with Parkinson’s disease.  She was only 69.   

About a month ago, we were given word that she had only a few more days to live.  My Dad could no longer care for her, so we moved my Mom into the Holland Hospice House; her final earthly home.  There was walked with her during her final days (which turned out to be several weeks).  We talked, we laughed, we showered kisses and we cried.  I whispered sweet things into ears and held her frail hands.  Each day was overwhelmingly difficult, yet it same vane was a gift as we were able to say goodbye over and over again. 

Right after she drew her last breath Sunday night, a vertical rainbow appeared over the Hospice House.  As I drove over there to be with my Dad and family, I saw this rainbow for only a few seconds.  I was exhausted and dismissed this as an anomaly since it was not raining.  When I arrived, I heard that my siblings also saw this rainbow.  The staff tending to my Mom also witnessed it – a short vertical rainbow as my Mom rose to the arms of Jesus.   


Some may call the vertical rainbow a coincidence.  Others, like me, believe that it was a sign of God’s promise to His believers; a sign that He fulfills his promise for all eternity.


That’s why I can faithfully say “see you later” Mom.  I know that one day I’ll be in her loving arms once again. 


The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.

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The Good

Things have been going well with my health lately.  My energy is back to normal and I feel like a regular mom with three little kids.  My range of motion on my right side has improved and with continued physical therapy I hope it gets back to the way it was.  I am anxiously anticipating surgery on August 24 at the University of Chicago.  Foobs here I come!

Another good thing is that Samantha was seen by Early On last week Thursday and they are done following her!  Diane from Early On has been following her since she was born to make sure she meets/exceeds her milestones and to watch for signs from her birth trauma – developmental delays, cerebral palsy, etc.  She has been on point this entire time and continues to be our little miracle. 

Brooklyn just completed Kindergarten and is looking forward to summer despite missing all her kindergarten friends. 

The Bad

Dusty’s mom has been at Hospice House for over a week now.  She is dying.  It’s an awful process to watch someone go through.  She is so weak and weighs only 70 pounds.  Please pray for her, Dale (Dusty’s dad) and the family.  Pray that she’ll have peace and be comfortable. 

The Ugly

Ugly…I don’t know what’s ugly, but I felt like it goes with the good and the bad so I had to include it.  If I had to pick something ugly I would say my hair.  It confuses me.  It challenges me.  It makes me laugh.  I don’t know what to do with it.  It’s super curly and thick.  It’s high maintenance.  I haven’t had a hair cut in over a year and I can start to see the beginning signs of a mullet forming so I think a little trim in the back might help (I’m coming Jenny!). 

It was a year ago on June 3 that I had my first chemo treatment.  I don’t ever want to experience a summer like the summer of 2009 again.  I’ll never be the same because of it – physically, emotionally and mentally.  As I like to say – it is what it is.  I’m glad it’s over and I’m looking forward to this summer. 

I’ll see you around…

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