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Six Months

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Since my last post I had another blood transfusion (last Friday) and thoracentesis (this past Monday).

I said to Dusty that ever since I went to the ER and spent a week in Spectrum a few months ago that things with my cancer have changed.  For the worse.  Yes the chemo is shrinking the spots we can see, but it’s clearly not helping with the fluid.  The doctor who performed the procedure said I would probably have this every three to four weeks!  Ouch!  Having the fluid drained hurts.

Last Wednesday we met with Dr. VanderWoude.  She thought it was going to be a routine visit until I dropped this question on her.  “What’s my prognosis?”  She sat down and explained to me and Dusty that I’m at the point where  chemo, any chemo, is not going to give me more time.  She said I can keep taking the chemo if it makes me feel like I’m “fighting”, but she said that if I choose to stop treatment it’s not giving up.  I would be opting for a better quality of life.  Chemo made me miserable.  It was no way to live.  Most of my time was spent sleeping or in bed.  We left her office with a big decision to make.  казино фурор

After an afternoon of ups and downs, prayers, thoughts, and questions, Dusty and I decided to stop the chemo.  I’m done with the misery.  Dr. VanderWoude estimates I have 6 months left (give or take).

We are now working with Hospice.  I will meet my nurse tomorrow.  Her name is Jane.

Please pray for our family as we work through this new phase of life and guide our children through it.  Pray for the kids.  Our family.  Our parents.  Our friends.

We’ve been blessed by so many.  I will update my blog whenever anything exciting happens.  I promise.

Thank you to everyone for bringing us meals, the gifts cards, and donations.

We will continue to have all communication go through Dani.

Please do not stop by unannounced.  We just can’t deal with that right now.

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