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Eleven Years

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Eleven years ago today I got married.  Today is our anniversary.  Some of you were there.  Do you remember it?  It was a great day.  One of the best in my life. 

Never would I have thought I’d be bald and have cancer on my 11 year anniversary.  Then again, I also never thought I’d have twins.  It just goes to show that life doesn’t always turn out the way we think it will.

As far as my cancer is concerned I’m still fighting it.  I have chemo again on Wednesday so I’m trying to enjoy today and the next few days as best as I can.  Every day is different.  Some days are okay.  Some days are really hard. 

My only goal of the day is to feel good enough to go out and celebrate our anniversary tonight.  I feel pretty good so it shouldn’t be a problem.  Nothing fabulous.  Just dinner. 

Brooklyn left today to enjoy the week camping with Bea’s and Papa.  We hope to visit them quite a bit too.  At least before chemo on Wednesday.  It will be nice to get a change of scenery.  I feel like I never leave my house! 

Samantha is pulling herself to standing by furniture all the time and I was able to witness her cruise from the exersaucer to a chair!  She took four steps.  Go Samantha!  Max still loves exploring by army crawling around.  He’s a silly little guy. 

I meet with Dr. Dodde this week.  He’s my reconstructive plastic surgeon.  I’m interested to hear what his opinion is on the type of reconstruction I should have.  I also hope to get the results of my genetic testing soon.

On a side note, check out the link Laps for Lindy.  My brother, Clair Vander Zwaag, started a Laps for Lindy team for the Susan G. Komen 5K Race For a Cure at the end of September.  If you would like to join the Laps for Lindy team, make a donation or come out to cheer everyone on feel free! 

Thank you for your prayers.  They are being felt every day. 

Thank you for the meals.  They are DELICIOUS! 

Thank you for the help with our kids.  They are loved. 

Thank you for the cards.  They are read often. 

One of the things I love to tell people is how awesome all of you are.  Random people (nurses, neighbors, family, friends, the questionnaire I fill out at the doctor’s office, etc) ask if we need help or a meal and I am so quick to let them know how wonderful our friends, family and community is.  You’ve all gone above and beyond what I think is even possible.  You have our sincerest THANK YOU. 

25 Responses to “Eleven Years”

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  2. kathy says:

    Happy Anniversary Dusty and Lindy. I was at your wedding. Rhonda and I sneaked into the back pew just before your bridesmaids started down the aisle. Lindy, you are as beautiful now as you were then. Who needs hair?

    Enjoy your night out together…you deserve it!

  3. Aunt Carole says:

    We do remember your wedding and all the beauty of it! Happy Anniversary Dusty & Lindy! May your years together be many and be filled with treasured moments that take your breathe away and leave you filled with awe and wonder at the amazing spouse that God gave you and gratitude for God’s many blessings, provisions and answers to prayer. I think I can speak for the Ensing family and say how thankful we are for God bringing Dusty into your life and our family, and the blessings, love, and laughter we have all shared through your family. I must also say, Lindy, that one of the reasons I remember your anniversary is because it was a time when your family helped our family as we went through some changes in our lives. I specifically remember a visit from you and your Mom to me and Tiffany, and how we were touched by your love, compassion, and generosity. It will always hold a special place in our hearts. Just like everyone’s acts of kindness are held dear to your heart. God’s blessings have a way of coming full circle. Lots of hugs and continued love & prayers…

  4. Tina Amaya says:

    Dusty and Lindy – Happy Anniversary! Hope you enjoy just being with each other today – and dinner out! Continued prayers….

  5. Lindsay Bazan says:

    Happy Anniversary Dusty and Lindy!! Enjoy your special day, may God give you all that you need and more.

    Eric and Lindsay Bazan

  6. barb baumann says:

    Dusty and Lindy,

    “Love is patient, love is kind….it always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.”

    I see the Love of Jesus in your relationship.:)

    I pray that you have a beautiful day of celebration!

    In His Grip..barb

  7. Liz TenCate says:

    Hi Lindy,
    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! Hope you feel well enough to go out for dinner and relax! God will bless you with many more!
    We’ll continue to pray for you and your family daily!WE pray your meeting with Doctor Dodde goes well too!
    Many blessings to you, Dusty and your beautiful children!
    Love ya,

  8. Holly says:

    Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!! Awesome that you can celebrate tonight with your honey! I bet you wore your best scarf for the occasion! 🙂
    Brooklyn was so cute at the slip and slide party…she is getting big!
    Praying always…..

  9. Rachel Baird says:

    Happy anniversary, Dusty and Lindy! I hope you guys had a fabulous night. Luke and I just celebrated our fourth anniversary on Thursday — I didn’t realize we were so close together (though I’m sure I knew it at one point. I remember looking at pictures of your wedding, but I don’t remember why I saw them?). I hope that you continue to feel well enough to enjoy camping this week. Hopefully the weather behaves, too!

    Samantha is taking steps?!? Awesome! How fun it must be to watch them grow and change.

    Sending a thousand prayers your way,

  10. Kim says:

    Happy “belated” Annivesary (I’m just after midnight so I’m a tad late:) Praying that you feel good the next few days and that you can enjoy some time outside! We continue to pray for all of you!!

  11. Jamie DeRuiter says:

    Happy Anniversary!!!! I hope you two had a wonderful night out. I think and pray about you guys often. I hope that you guys have many happy years together!!!!
    Jamie 🙂

  12. jim and kath terp says:

    have a blessed day, we continue to pray for healing and God’s grace and understanding!!

  13. Jana Ver Beek says:

    Have a good day today, Lindy.

  14. Joy Koning says:

    Lindy…sorry so late in posting…hope you had a great anniversary and a wonderful night out! Hang in there and we are praying for you and your family each day. I can’t believe how fast your kids are growing up! I’m sure you can’t either. have a great day!

  15. Jana Ver Beek says:

    I read this on the Susan G. Komen website today. “With every start, there’s a finish, and with every finish,….Hope!!”
    Tomorrow you have your second to the last chemo treatment. Lindy, you’ve come so far in the last 3 months. We are all very proud of how you’ve handled it all. The end is near in “Chemo-land”. Love and prayers, Jana

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