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Plugging along

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I saw Dr. Hoberman on Thursday and she said my incisions look good and I should be out of the woods for any infection.  The only cause for concern is that I can’t raise my right arm very high at all.  The muscle in my armpit is so tight and bruised it feels like a rock and is extremely sore.  She said it’s because she had the retractors so far up and in there because she needed to get around all the scar tissue.  I can raise the left arm with a little soreness, but nothing to complain about.  She is prescribing physical therapy for my right arm.  I’ll be happy when I have the use of that back again. 

Brooklyn is fighting a fever and the flu.  Max and Samantha both have coughs.  Dusty is doing great being super dad – he should have a cape.  You should’ve seen him last night.  He doesn’t do well with vomit and Brooklyn was vomitting.  I’m usually the one who deals with it, but he didn’t have a choice.  He looked like a deer in headlights at first.  Thankfully Brooklyn knew to use the puke bowl and Dusty quickly snapped out of it and got her to the bathroom.  He goes back to work on Monday (I bet he can’t wait!). 

I can’t believe it’s going to be Thanksgiving next week!  I see Dr. VanderWoude (oncologist) next week so I will probably find out when radiation will begin.  I’ll let you know how that goes. 

Thank you for your prayers, cards and emails.  I will never tire of receiving them.  I still run to the computer like Christmas morning whenever I do a post.  I know it’s silly, but hey I don’t get a lot of thrills right now. 

16 Responses to “Plugging along”

  1. Marianne says:

    Oh, Lindy, it just made me laugh to hear about Dusty dealing with Brooklyn’s hurling. I think it is just such a guy thing not to be able to handle it! You know from Rachel that her dad was a farmer…which means he dealt with a lot of barnyard smells. But if one of the kids threw up, he got green in the gills! But you and Dusty are both brave souls. Hope all three kids are soon healthy, and that your healing continues to thrill and amaze your docs…..and you! God is still in the business of doing miracles!

  2. Rachel says:

    poor brook!! So glad to hear you are healing good… I am so thankful that you are cancer free! freaking awesome.
    you are an amazing woman Lindy, i look up to more than you will ever know. I know that God gives you the grace to deal with whatever happens in life, and i guess i just don’t have the grace because i wasn’t asked to walk this road. It amazes me your Faith, and your increadible endurance and love for God admist all the pain. you did not get angry at God, you did not get bitter, you stayed Strong and continued to love and trust the Lord. you are an inspiration. love you guys!

  3. Holly says:

    I can’t help but leave a comment since it makes you feel like Christmas morning! 🙂
    So good to hear from you again and praying that your body will heal completely and the soreness goes away. You are AMAZING! I bet you have realized you are a lot tougher than you thought!
    God is so good!

  4. Amy Sluiter says:

    Hopefully each day gets a little better for you, Lindy. You’re strength is so amazing…such a great testimony to God’s power! I hope Brook is feeling better! I can’t imagine Dusty trying to clean up the puke… I don’t think Brent would do too well with that, either. You’ll definitely have to buy him a “Super Dad” cape! 🙂

  5. amy colthorrp says:

    I understand about your right arm! Mine felt much the same way. I was able to cont. seeing a therapist even during radiation which helped a great deal. Takes along time to improve and got a little worse during radiation and I still need to stretch daily but is not nearly as painful.
    Husbands are so amazing! It is amazing what we are all capable of with God’s strength. Praying for you and your family.


  6. Jana Zuidema says:

    Rachel and I missed Brooklyn in CIW today. Now I know why. Hope she feels better and you don’t get it.

  7. Aunt Shirley says:

    I am so thankful you are this far along. We will pray that your arm will be less painful and with some therapy you have full use again soon. Ouch!! I am with Dusty about puke – can’t stand it – I hated it when I worked in the hospital. He is a trooper – what a guy. God keeps giving Dusty the grace he needs too even if it is with the “puke” thing. I pray you will have a wonderful Blessed Thanksgiving – I know you are in our prayers of thankfulness this Thanksgiving. God Is So Good!!

  8. Amy says:

    Hi Lindy:

    Jill sent me your blog site right away and I couldn’t be more thankful. When I saw that you posted on mine, my heart soared. I still can’t believe this is happening. Like you, I have a young family (Austin, age 11 and Ryann age 7) and I don’t have time for this, nor do I want it. Enough about me. I just read your entire blog and I feel hopeful and encouraged for you (and myself). Thanks again and keep in touch. I will continue to pray for your family as well.

    In Christ,

    Amy Harper

  9. Julie Sal says:

    Glad you’re plugging along. I’ll pray for you to be able to raise your arm and that the therapy works well. I think of you stuck at home when I have sick kids and I don’t get out. I’m thankful that you’re so far along in this journey and pray that the radiation needed will be minimal. Oh, the little “darlings” are fighting upstairs, gotta go.

  10. Jana Ver Beek says:

    My prayer is that all is well with you guys. Hopefully by now Brooke is feeling better! Maybe a Friday night sleep-over this week??
    Know that you are always in my prayers.
    Love you all,

  11. Rachael Budiwarman says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your gorgeous family! I hope it is a day filled with joy, peace and relief from the discomfort of your surgery. I am sorry the kids haven’t been feeling well lately. We have had a bit of that at our house too and it is no fun. Luckily I wasn’t home for the really gross stuff. I am with Dusty and have a hard time with the clean up!

  12. Monica says:

    Hey guys. Sorry to hear about Brooklyn. I really wanted her over this week but Jim said she wasn’t doing so great. We’ll miss you tomorrow – in fact Gina asked G & G VZ tonight if Brooklyn was coming tomorrow to Aunt Silv’s (love how she says it!)and was so bummed when they said no! Glad to hear you’re doing okay. A lot to be thankfull for this year again. Love you all!!

  13. Jenifer TenHarmsel says:

    Just wanted to wish all of you a happy Thanksgiving we really all have a lot to be thankful for, hope you enjoy a wonderful day! Keep smiling, it’s beautiful!

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