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Hello from Spectrum

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They are keeping me one more night at Spectrum downtown (Butterworth).  I’ve been having strange tingling in my right foot and my right leg feels strange.  They thought it would be best to keep me here to keep my headpain under control.  I start radiation tomorrow and will have it for about two weeks.  It will be full brain radiation.  This means I will loose my hair again, be tired, get nauseas and all the fun things that go along with radiation.   As of this morning, it’s still not clear as to whether it will be here in Grand Rapids or if I can do it in Holland. 

Dr. VanderWoude was able to speak with a doctor at Mayo Clinic yesterday.  He said they just trained two of their best guys for Spectrum so there is no need for me to get the radiation done there.  They will, however, want to see me in about six to eight weeks to see how I responded to the full brain radiation.  We may proceed differently from that point on.  So it won’t be until mid to late September that I’ll go to Mayo Clinic. 

I’m going to have a HUGE adjustment because until they know how I’ll respond to radiation they advised me not to drive.  I’m at risk of having seizures because of the location of the tumors.  So to keep me, my family and other people safe on the road I will not be driving.  However, this becomes a logistical problem for getting to and from radiation treatments, doctor’s appointments, running errands, etc. 

I will have a driving sign up list on my blog once I have my appointments figured out.  If you are willing to drive me around, please go to the list and sign up.  Thank you!

Dusty went home this afternoon to spend some time with the kids and take Brooklyn to church tonight.  I think some of the service will be a prayer time for me and my family.  I’m humbled, honored and so happy for this.  I know that prayer works and the more prayers, the better.  I think God has heard my name a lot lately.  So if you want to join your brothers and sisters in Christ at Haven they would love to have you.  It’s in Zeeland on Alice street –  Jill is coming here with her laptop so we plan on tuning into the service via the internet.  Thank God for technology!

My brother and Jill have started the Laps for Lindy team again for the Susan G Komen Race For The Cure.  If you want to participate by running, walking or crawling, please go to For more information about the team.  To see the general website or sign up to participate or donate is:

Also, a great friend of mine from highschool, Kara VandenBerg has started For the Love of Lindy Facebook page.  You can join it or check it out here:

Thank you for the incredible outpouring of love.  We’ve had so many people come here and pray with us.  I was even annointed with oil last night.  That was amazing.  Thank you to all of our family and friends.  You mean so much to me. God bless you. 

19 Responses to “Hello from Spectrum”

  1. Holly says:

    So good to hear from you….Keep writing…it helps us to know how to pray. We will be lifting you up tonight…so glad you will be able to hear it. and as soon as you have that signup I will drive you around!
    Remember — “The mind controlled by the Spirit is LIFE and PEACE.” (Romans)

  2. Michelle Koop says:

    Oh, Lindy,
    It’s difficult and heartbreaking to digest what you are going through. We are praying like crazy for you, your family and for all the doctors participating in your care. May you feel God’s presence today and peace in your heart as you start treatments tomorrow. We will be thinking about you.

  3. Dani says:

    I hope you got some sleep today! As always I am praying for you.

  4. barb baumann says:

    praying for you and your family…and asking God to seal His promises on your hearts.

    In His Grip….ted & barb.

    also…I drive to Spectrum Mon-Fri ..typically 7:00am and home again around 5:00-5:30…

  5. Lindy,
    I’d love to be on your list to drive you to appointments once in a while. I hope I see it on the blog. If there is someone else to give my email to, please do so.
    Laurie Menken

  6. karen asekomeh says:

    lindy, I would be honored to drive you as well if you would like. I don’t work on wed and could do whatever you would need.

  7. julie sal says:

    Praying constantly for you and your family, Lindy.

  8. Lindsay Bazan says:

    Lindy, thank you for the blog updates. I would love to drive you as well..thank you for allowing others to help you with that. I’ll stay tuned for the posting for the schedule :).

  9. Jana Z says:

    This morning, Tomahawk Missionary Baptist Church in KY prayed for you per Wil Ruthven’s prayer request. You are being prayed for in many states!

  10. Sarah Rozema says:

    Lindy and family,
    My heart is so heavy and hurting with you tonight. How I would love to give you a huge hug. Please know how loved you are and I am storming heaven’s gates on your behalf. Give Brooklyn a hug for me and let her know I love her. I wish there was more I could do. Thank you for your continued posts, I pray God gives you peace and rest and strength to face each new day. Much love to you all…
    Sarah Rozema

  11. Karlye McNeely says:

    Hi Lindy,

    My husband went to HS with Dusty and my son was in preschool with your daughter. We have a mutual friend which led me to your blog. I am so sorry to hear of this recurrence of cancer. You and your family have been in my thoughts and prayers for the last several days. I wouldn’t normally do this, but have felt led to contact you about an alternative therapy. There is a women in the area who does ElctroDermal Screening, it is based on traditional chinese medicine. Like I said this a bit out of character for me to e-mail someone I don’t know, however if you are looking for alternative treatments that could help, this may be one. If you would like her name and number to learn more please feel free to e-mail me.
    May peace be with you and your whole family.
    Karlye McNeely

  12. Stephanie De Leeuw-Hofman says:

    Dear Lindy,
    I do not believe that we know each other. I happened to be on Facebook looking up where one of my friends lived when the recent activity of another one of my other friends, April Lappinga, caught my eye. At first I read the tid-bit of your blog thinking it was about her husband. You are probably well aware that Kelly just finished a round of chemo treatments. I clicked on the link and realized immediately that your story was not his, yet I kept reading it. My eyes filled tears as I continued to read. I can only imagine the anguish you are going through physically and especially emotionally. I read that you no longer need a personal pilot but I wanted to let you know that if you ever do need one my cousin, Brian Bolt, lives in Holland on Lakeshore Dr. I am sure if he knew your story he would fly you wherever and whenever.If you ever need him the Lappinga’s can give you his information. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

  13. Marcia Davis says:

    I would love to help drive you. I’m unemployed at the moment and it would be a great way to get to know you. A sign up list is a great idea for logistical sanity!

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