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Muffin Cups

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A lot has happened since I first met Heather, but I promised to tell you the story of how I met her and here it goes.

I was getting groceries at Meijer.  I went through the baby section to buy diapers and essentials.  Typically when I leave that section I go into the main aisle and continue to the pop, butter and yogurt section and weave my way to the front of the store.  This time, however, I didn’t go to the main aisle.  Instead I turned my cart around and found myself in the housewares department by all the kitchen gadgets (spatulas, measuring cups, etc).  When I realized where I was I bolted down the nearest aisle to move along with my groceries (time is of the essence).  The aisle I was cutting through was the cake decorating aisle and muffin cups caught my eye.   Plain white muffin cups.  I wasn’t planning on making cupcakes or muffins or had ever wondered where plain white muffin cups might be, but there I was staring at them nonetheless. 

I shook my head and moved on to getting groceries.  A few aisles into it I was looking for the semi sweet chocolate chips and I saw a woman bent down looking at something on the bottom shelf.  I heard a younger voice behind me say “no those aren’t the ones I was thinking of.  I know I got muffin cups somewhere here before, but I don’t remember where”.  So I turned to tell her how I just saw plain white muffin cups in the cake decorating aisle, which at this point, was right across from where we were standing.  As I turned to face her I noticed she was wearing a scarf on her head.  I don’t remember my exact words, because they just started falling out of my mouth, but I said something to the effect of “how are you doing”.  She looked at me like I was on another planet.  I said “I see you’re wearing a scarf.  I assume you have cancer?  Is it breast cancer?”  She confirmed it was and continued to stare at me like I was crazy.  She let her guard down as soon as I told her I had breast cancer and beat it last November.  We started talking, her mom started tearing up.  It turns out that we both have/had the same rare type of breast cancer – triple negative.  She had some questions and I answered them to the best of my ability.  I remember getting groceries during chemo and how it was a battle to do it so I told her I would let her get going, but that I wanted to encourage her and to let her know that she can do this and she looked good (despite how she felt).  

I walked away and as I continued getting my groceries I knew that moment could only have come from God.  There is no way I would have just started talking to someone I’ve never met with a scarf on her head.  Someone told me to reach out to her that day and I did.  I’m glad I did too, because by the power of Facebook it turns out she knows someone I know and now she and I are in a small little support group we started (I missed our first meeting because of my pesky brain tumors). I can’t wait to get to know her and the other girls in our little group a little better. 

There are no coincidences in life.  Especially with muffin cups.

10 Responses to “Muffin Cups”

  1. Shari Fletcher (Keatley) says:

    You are simply amazing and inspiring!

    God has a specific purpose for your life – and you are a living example of it every day!

    May this next week find you filled with blessings!

  2. Amy Sluiter says:

    That’s an amazing series of events and the start of a relationship… only God could orchestrate! Thanks for sharing how HE is working and moving. He will NOT let you go. I praise Him for your obedience to Him. Praying you through! Love you!

  3. Aunt Shirley says:

    Every encounter is planned by God. Isn’t God so cool to plant you right at that very second in that aisle to show His love through you to Heather – what a blessing you are. And God used Muffin Cups – again what a God. Lindy, God is showing His love through you. Lord, let your light and grace keep shining in Lindy and Dusty.
    Delight in God-Aunt Shirley

  4. Julie Meyers says:

    Wow…love to hear those stories!!!

  5. Dani says:

    That is so cool Lindy! Only God could use muffin cups. Your awesome.

  6. Lynette says:

    I’m always amazed at how, as believers, we are able to look at those situations and see God working, while an unbeliever would just see it as coincidence. God is good! I can’t wait to have a meeting again, one where you can join us!

  7. Marcia Davis says:

    Lindy, your stories are so inspiring. Keep writing. I hope this web log is helping you. It’s amazing how it’s helping me and I’m not enduring anything like you’re experiencing.

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