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500 Pounds!

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Happy New Year!  See ya later 2010….hello 2011!  A year ago I was so happy to put 2009 behind us and now I’m equally as happy to put 2010 in the history books.  Just when you think your life will be smooth sailing…

We had a great Christmas.  Brooklyn was so excited for her presents this year.  Max and Samantha were happy to rip the paper and see what’s inside.  They got many fun presents.  It was nice to see our families again too.


Last week Monday we went to Great Wolf Lodge with two other families.  It was a riot. 


At first I wasn’t going to participate in any of the water activities.  First of all, I didn’t have a swim suit and second, what was I supposed to wear on my head?  Jill talked me into getting a mastectomy suit (Lands End has great ones) and when I brought up my head or lack of hair, she said “don’t worry Jill and I have that covered” (I have two friends whose names are Jill).  They bought me and themselves retro style, flowered swim caps.  Jill B was wearing black.  Jill G was wearing hot pink and I wore blue.  It was so funny.  People at the waterpark loved them.  We got a lot of attention!


There’s a slide at the park that three people can ride down together.  The Jill’s and I climb the stairs to the top.  Wait in line and finally it’s our turn.  There we stood.  Ready to gracefully maneuver our way onto the three seater tube.  The boy attendant working the slide turns to us, looks us up and down and says “there is a 500 lb weight limit”.  We were shocked.  Is that a fat joke?  Are you talking to us?  I think all three of us had our jaws on the ground.  Jill B broke the silence by saying to us “Get in!”  We plopped ourselves into that tube so fast and laughed the entire way down the slide.  Who does that boy think he is?!  500 lbs my foot. 

Overall, I feel better than a did a couple months ago.  I’m not back to my old self yet and I can’t wait for that to happen.  The hardest question for me to answer is “how are you feeling?”.  I can answer it by telling you how I feel at that moment, but it fluctuates daily and sometimes hourly.  It’s really tough to make plans or appointments because I feel bad cancelling and I don’t want to cancel because that means cancer is winning.  I won’t let it win. 

I’m still taking Prednisone, but I’m tapering off it.  Hoping my adrenal gland won’t be sluggish and will kick in. 

Thank you for your Christmas cards this year.  It is so fun to see everyone’s family pictures. 

I am going to see Dr. Schott at U of M next week for a routine check up.  Please pray we don’t find any lumps or bumps and that my lab work looks good. 

Thank you for your prayers and I ask that you continue to pray for:

  • My cancer to disappear completely and forever.
  • Brooklyn, Max and Samantha as they deal with having a sick mom.
  • Dusty being superdad.  He’s been on this rollercoaster with me and although he doesn’t physically feel what I feel, he has to carry quite a load.
  • Everyone who battles and suffers from an incurable disease.  We need endurance, strength, positivity and love. 

14 Responses to “500 Pounds!”

  1. Megan Van Kampen says:

    Hi Lindy! Looks like a fun trip, love the swim caps!! Praying for a better year for you and your family. Happy New Year:)

  2. Maryann says:

    Praying for you Lindy! Ask your doctor about taking Zinc. It’s suppose to help the adrenals out.

  3. John and Pam Jacobs says:

    You look beautiful! So glad you and Dusty had a wonderful time away w/ your friends!! Does the heart and soul good!

    Daily thinking about you and praying for healing!
    The Jacobs’ family:)

  4. Kathy says:

    Lindy, You crack me up. Cancer hasn’t taken your sense of humor away. So glad you had fun.

  5. Missy VerBeek says:

    I love the swim caps!!! You look adorable and so happy! Glad you got away and had lots of fun.

  6. Lynette says:

    So glad you participated in the water stuff! LOVE LOVE LOVE the swim caps! Praying as always!

  7. Dani says:

    Lindy, It looks like you guys had a blast! How fun! I am glad to hear things are going better. As always, am praying like crazy…that your cancer will disapper!

  8. Mindy Tibbs says:

    Praying for you daily !
    I must admit I am a bit jealous of your swim cap……SUPER CUTE !!!!

  9. Michelle says:

    The next time someone makes a comment about weight, just go home and eat lots of junk food while watching The Biggest Loser. Makes ya feel better every time!!!


  10. Laurie Menken says:

    Praying for all of you. You are an inspiration to all of us. I pray for your continued improved health and for your family through this as well.

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