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If my scanxiety had a color coded level like the terror threat level, my scanxiety level would be on red.  I leave for U of M on Tuesday at o’dark-thirty and we’ll have the results on Thursday.  Either way, I’m fairly sure I’ll start Xeloda (chemo pill).  Oh and I know our government no longer uses the color coded threat level system.

To read Time Magazine’s article about Scanxiety click below.  It’s a good read.,28804,2075133_2075127_2075107,00.html

Moving on…


Brooklyn began second grade with Mrs. Cousins on Tuesday and while this wasn’t her first crack at school, it was her first time on the bus.  Oh my oh my, I think I said 50 prayers that day.  Please let someone allow her sit with them…Please don’t let anyone be mean to her…Please let her get off the bus at the right spot…Please let her find the right bus after school…Please let her get off the bus when it gets back to the point where she got on, etc.

I think I earned the gold medal for most worried and spazed out mom about the bus.  In my defense, not only could I see the school from where we lived last year, I could see her classroom window from our living room.  I know it’s time to loosen the apron strings, but I’m not cutting them yet.

She got off the bus that day smiling from ear to ear.  She loves the bus, her teacher and all her friends.  Thank God for small blessings.  Thank God for Alex Boeve who made room for Brooklyn in his seat that morning.  Thank you Alex!  I could hug you.  I won’t because I know it might embarass you.

We had a retirement Open House for my dad last night.  He worked with Genzink Plumbing for 44 years.  For those of you dying to know, he owns around 960 hats.  I can’t remember the exact number he gave me, but it’s around there.


I will let you know what we find out on Thursday with regards to my scans.

9 Responses to “Scanxiety”

  1. Megan Van Kampen says:

    I’ll be praying! You are so brave to keep going through this process. Thank you for keeping us updated. Brooklyn looks so happy! I was a nervous wreck too last year when Nate started riding the bus so don’t feel bad.:) Praying!

  2. Rachel Dy says:

    Covering you with prayers this week, Lindy. Asking God for complete healing in Jesus’ name! Love you!

  3. Jana Ver Beek says:


  4. karen Arnoldink says:

    Lindy, I am sure that your mom worried about you riding the bus also. we just don’t want our kids to grow up to fast. We will be praying for you and your family as you wait for the results on your tests. Waiting is so hard for us to do.

  5. Karen Johnson says:

    Praying for you! I am a friend of Jana.

  6. Barb Dannenberg says:

    If I’ve thought of you ONCE this month of September, I’ve thought of you dozens of times and each time I say a little prayer for you! Thanks for faithfully posting!

  7. Aunt Carole says:

    Dear Lindy, Just last night at the hospital we were talking about Tiffany’s C-section, and we remembered about yours with Samantha, and WHAT A MIRACLE God gave your family then. We believe He can and He will do it again! It is no bigger job for Him to do than it is to bless Brooklyn on her first day of school. Look back, remember, believe, trust, hope, rest in His love for you-He never lets go. Praying for you and your Dad & Mom to have a precious day together, and for blessed surprises.

  8. Jana Ver Beek says:

    Prauing you have a restful day following your trip to UofM yesterday. Also, praying for miraculous results of your scans. GOD CAN DO IT!!

  9. Amy Sluiter says:

    Praying that all went well yesterday, praying for God to fill you with His peace today, and praying for the doctors to be blown away by the great results tomorrow! Love you guys! Amy & Brent

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