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September 4

My dear, sweet, loving, ever-by-my-side husband celebrated his 37th birthday.  On Saturday, the day before his birthday, we enjoyed a Tiger’s game in Detroit with Dale and Jana (Dusty’s dad and sister).  It was sweltering in the stadium, but thanks to Jana who froze water bottles, all was well.   We hadn’t been to the new stadium before and I was so impressed.  I had been to the old stadium as a kid and this one is so much better.  Oh and the guy I sat next to in the stadium is from Zeeland and delivered mail over 40 years!?  Not only that, but he used to play ball with Dusty’s dad.  Small world.

This picture was taken with my cell phone.


Don’t you love the look on the kids faces.  I read their faces as saying  “Mom!  Take the picture already! Did you see this cake?”


September 24

Race For the Cure!  Thank you to everyone who participated on my team, but also to those who participated on someone else’s team.  Thank you Jen Dykens and Jill Graves for organizing the team again this year.  

Brooklyn walked the whole 5k!  Go Brooklyn!

92411-brooke-at-race.JPG  92411-brooke-and-jen-at-the-race.JPG


September 27

First Day of Chemo at U of M.  Jill was my chemo buddy the first time around and she demanded to be my Tuesday chemo buddy this time too.  She really did demand it.  I told her I could drive myself to U of M, but she wasn’t having it.  Good thing too…more about that later.

Instead of showing up in comfy lounge pants and a T-shirt like a normal person I wanted to look good.  Why not right?  So I did my hair, put on make up and wore earrings.  

We are ready to go!


Here are a few sights we see on the way to U of M.  I’d like to thank Jill for her photo taking ability and please keep in mind that I was going around 75 to 80 mph when these pictures were taken.

Here is the gas station and restaurant in Fowlerville that made me think of the word gastaurant:



Now this always makes me laugh.  If you look close it says DADS INN.  Not DAYS INN.  It used to be a Days Inn, but some poor person bought it.  I’m guessing they didn’t want to buy into the franchise and couldn’t afford a whole new sign so they bought one new letter.  You can still see where the “Y” once was and at night the new D shines orange instead of yellow, but so what, right?  It’s funny and it makes me laugh.


We finally arrive at U of M.



Jill’s most favorite thing at U of M isn’t the grandness of their campus.  Not all the learnin’ that’s going on inside those buildings.  Not the cool artwork displayed in their corridors.  Not even the cafeteria food.  Jill’s most favorite things are the buses.


So we go inside and after a while they start my chemo.  Here I am getting my first infusion at U of M.


We watched a movie while I was getting my drip.  My thumbs were up because I was feeling good.  The last hour of chemo didn’t go as well as hoped.  I started feeling very nauseous and wound up vomiting and being sent home with a puke bucket and some ginger ale.  Oh well…such is life with chemo.

Today I feel very tired and for everything else I have a prescription.  I can tell it’s going to be a long road ahead.  Going to U of M twice a week isn’t going to be easy, especially not feeling well.  It is what it is.

Thank you for the prayers and support you give our family.  We are blessed by you.

11 Responses to “September”

  1. Megan Van Kampen says:

    Thank you for the update Lindy! I love that you included the ‘Dad’s Inn,’ that’s hilarious! You did look fabulous! Praying hard for comfort and complete healing. You are so brave. 🙂

  2. Jana Ver Beek says:

    Praying that God lifts you up, that the nausea will be minimal and that the ride to UofM will be short, in the company of good friends and family. Love the pictures.

  3. Christina Adamski says:

    Praying for you Lindy! Thank you for the update. I love your great sense of humor!!

  4. Dani says:

    Praying for you guys! You and Jill looked great. Please let me know if there isanything we can do to help you and your family.

  5. Amy Sluiter says:

    Thanks for the update and the pictures, Lindy. Sorry you’re not feeling well! Praying you through this long road ahead. Praying for strength, perseverance, healing, and peace. Love you guys!

  6. Mindy says:

    Awesome pic of You and Jill ! Please let us know if there is anyway we can help. Praying for you and the family daily…..

  7. Jill says:

    I didn’t demand it…I forcefully recommended it.
    It’s only because I love you so much 🙂

  8. Keely says:

    The Dad’s Inn makes me smile every time we go to U of M too! It’s so bad that it’s good. My favorite things there are the warm cookies in the cafeteria and learning the fight song on the banners when we leave. Thinking about you!!

  9. Jann Kolean says:

    Thinking about and praying for all of you as you travel this new road. Aren’t we lucky to have such an awesome God? I hope you feel wrapped in loving, supportive prayer.

  10. dad ver beek says:

    Hello Lindy….. Sending a little love your way. Thank you for posting the great pictures. Praying for you and Dusty. Two outstanding people !!! Blessings.

  11. Kristi O'Neill says:

    Hi Lindy…haven’t seen you in so long…but I just wanted to tell you your in my thoughts 🙂 You look great by the way!! And I’m glad Brooklyn is enjoying her school and new bus!

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