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No Offense

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On Tuesday I started another 21 day cycle of chemo.  The infusion went as it did the first time.  I feel so sick.  Like a really bad flu that won’t go away.  My hair is falling out, but not drastically.   I’m not going to shave it off like I did the first time.  I’m going to wait and see what happens.  Maybe it’s just thinning.  That was a possibility.

Last night Brooklyn came home from church.  I was laying on the couch and she came over to give me a hug and kiss good night.  She said “I just really want your cancer to go away.”  I said “Thanks hon.  I do too.”  She said “I want your hair to keep growing.  You know, like it used to be?”  I said “I do too.  That’s what I’m shooting for.”  She said “Remember when you were normal and we used to run around and kick the soccer ball?  I just want your cancer to go away so you can be a normal mom…no offense.”  As she darted down the steps to her room I said “none taken.”  Those were the days.  God willing I’ll have them again.

The birthday party was fantastic.  The twins are three.  They had their 3-year check up on Monday and they healthy little buggers. 

You can do it Max!  Blow!


Samantha in her tutu


The kids and their presents



9 Responses to “No Offense”

  1. holly heeres says:

    Lindy….you know how to pull at the heart strings! Just breaks my heart for Brooklyn…..Makes me want to write the word ‘cancer’ on a pillow and just beat the crap out of it you know?! I’m sure you know….!
    Lord willing you WILL beat this and it will leave your body for good….and you will have abundant energy and life and vitality. There are not many days that your are not close in my mind….Praying always for healing, for strength as you endure this marathon, for peace in your home, for complete trust in God. Love you guys. The twins are adorable and your new house looks so cute!

  2. kathy says:

    Lindy, “Normal” there’s nothing I wish more for you than that. Praying that God will heal you completely and quickly.

  3. Joann says:

    Hang in there dear lady. My hair did not fall out the fourth time I went through chemo. That was very exciting. Your kids are learning from you, how to handle trials. They will follow your example when they face their own. God is using it for good. Somehow. I understand.. It stinks. But just to encourage you, I had 28 positive lymph nodes when my 2nd breast cancer was found. I’m still here , 7 yrs later. 11 yrs since first dx. I was 32 with three tiny babies too. With God all things are possible. I’ve had recurrences, but for the last three yrs I have been NED. Never listen to statistics. Listen to GodAnd your doc of course, but , oh, I am rambling. Stay focused and when difficult times come, go into the shower and pray. Let it out and tell God how you really feel. He can handle it. Then collect yourself, ask for strength and carry on with your most important job . Being a mother. Eat ands sleep and don’t let the depression, despair, envy, pity, or any other tool of the enemy get in your mind. You can do it. Do all the things you would normally do, take a nap, then do the other things. Don’t let this define you, and never call it “your cancer”. It’s not yours. It’s a problem. Give it another name or something. I don’t know. Stay strong, stand straight, face the wind. Much love.

  4. Megan Van Kampen says:

    ‘Normal’ would be awesome! Sweet Brooklyn 🙁 Praying that this will heal you completely Lindy. You are amazingly strong.

    On a lighter note, your living room is beautiful! You have great taste.

  5. Sarah says:

    Sending my love and prayers to you and Brooklyn today.

  6. Dani says:

    Praying for healing. Love ya girl! Hang in there.

  7. dad ver beek says:

    Hi Lindy….I’m glad I stopped by on Sat. afternoon to see Brooklyn and many of her friends. They were having a ball in the “bouncy” house. (not sure what you call these things). I really got a kick out of seeing my my son bounce with the girls. That was such a hoot !!! Was so nice you and Dusty had this birthday party for Brooklyn. Love you both… Dad

  8. julie meyaard says:

    Praying along with sweet Brooklyn that you can run and play soccer with your kids again soon!!
    Thanks for sharing the pictures of the kids Birthdays…love that Mickey and Minnie cake!
    Praying for strength and that God would make his presence known clearly this week as you continue to fight…
    Blessings and love from the Meyaard clan.

  9. Jana Ver Beek says:

    Praying for you Lindy!! I did find out from my co-worker that the gal she knows is EVO. Are you in contact with her?

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