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My parents and our family went to Florida.   

After a four hour delay, we flew out of Lansing and said good bye to Michigan!


We arrived in Orlando and drove to our house by Cinnamon Beach.  By the time we got in bed, it was 2:30 a.m.

The next morning we woke up to the sun.  We ventured to the beach find sea shells.  Samantha and I were walking the beach together when, right in front of me, was a star fish!  It was beautiful.  It was missing a small section of its leg, but I didn’t care.  I took it back with me. 


The next day we went to an alligator Farm in St. Augustine.  For five bucks we could hold a baby alligator.  Later that week, the kids ate Fried Gator Tail.  After her first bite, Brooke exclaimed “It tastes like chicken!”




Every morning Beez and Papa (my parents) cooked breakfast.  It was always Orange Juice and Turkey Bacon.



We had a lot of time at the pool and the beach.  Nice jump Samantha!






We spent a cloudy day in Daytona Beach.  I drove on the beach!  It was so cool.  Another one I can check off my bucket list.


We went to Marine Land and we let Brooklyn pet and feed a dolphin. 

Brooklyn’s in the white shirt holding the dolphin’s tale. 

The dolphin jumping out of the water is the dolphin she just got done feeding.  Unfortunately, Brooklyn had her back turned at that very moment and missed the whole thing. 



On Friday, the day before we were leaving, Papa and Max went to the beach to find shells.  My dad found a starfish.  Only his was complete!  It looked just like mine, but it wasn’t missing part of its leg.  Later that morning, Brooklyn and I were sitting on the front porch going through the shells and deciding which ones to give back to the ocean and which ones to take home.  She said to me, “are you sad that Papa’s star fish is better than yours?”  I said “Why?  Because my star fish is missing part of its leg?”  She said “yeah.”  I said “No.  That’s my star fish.  My body isn’t complete anymore either and I think God put that starfish right in front of me because it’s meant to be mine.  Papa’s star fish is complete because Papa isn’t missing anything.  That’s Papa’s starfish.  Papa is complete.”  That seemed to be okay with her.  🙂

Then Saturday came and it was time to kick the tires and light the fires.  We were going wheels up!  


Soon we’ll be off on our next great adventure.  Thank you for your prayers.  I could feel them during this trip.  I had renewed energy.  I was able to keep up with my busy kids and have a lot of fun with Dusty and my parents.

6 Responses to “Florida!”

  1. Stacy Wiersma says:

    Sounds like a great trip. Glad to hear it didn’t wear you down too much. What fun things you guys got to do…are you going to be able to top all that on your next trip :). You know it was a good trip when you can still smile on the trip home (good job Dusty)

  2. Tina Amaya says:

    Sounds like fun was had by all. What a great time. Praying that you will have some relaxation before the next go around. Hugs and prayers!! Tina

  3. Joy Koning says:

    wow! looks like a great time! luv the starfish story….hope you have a wonderful time on your next trip too! such great memories…

  4. Rhonda Byma says:

    Wow, sounds like a great family vacation! Glad to hear you had renewed energy to enjoy so many things with the family. Praise God for answered prayers! Luv the pics and the star fish story. What a great visual lesson. Will be praying for you on the next trip. Enjoy!!

  5. julie meyaard says:

    Looks amazing!! So happy that you were feeling good and could enjoy it! I bet your starfish is beautiful.

  6. Aunt Carole says:

    So glad to hear that you all had a good time! Just hearing about it does my heart good! Lindy, your body may not be complete, but your mind and heart are full to overflowing! What blessings you plant in your children’s heart with each step of your journey – footprints in the sand of their hearts! Love & Prayers…

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