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Dustin Ver Beek

(Update from Dusty)

After ten days in the hospital, Lindy returned home late Sunday afternoon.   We were so glad to have her back with us again!

On Monday afternoon, she collapsed while I was walking her to the couch.  I was able to catch her and guide her to the floor.  She was unresponsive and her color was not good, so I called 911.  After a few short minutes paramedic support arrived and off she went back to the hospital. After a bunch of tests, it appeared a heart drug she was on caused a dip in her blood pressure (or at least that’s what they believe).  They let her go home a few hours later.

We’re trying to get her well enough to take chemo tomorrow.  Please pray for her as she’s tired, scared and very discouraged.   Her body has been through so much, it’s hard for her to imagine she can take much more.

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  1. Megan VK says:

    I am praying for you constantly, Dustin. I’m so very sad to think about all Lindy has been through and you. I pray this nightmare will end for you all and Lindy would be healed. You’ve been through so much. Thanks for taking the time to update us!

  2. Jana Ver Beek says:

    On my knees!!

  3. jennifer dykens says:

    I have been looking at the screen for 10 minutes trying to come up with something inspiring to write. I could only come up with “cancer sucks”

  4. Jana Ver Beek says:

    Amen, Jennifer!

  5. Joy Koning says:

    We are praying for Lindy and you Dustin…that had to be scary…Praying that she may be strong enough for chemo and have the strength to keep on fighting and be cured. Thanks for the update.

  6. Michelle says:

    With tears rolling down my face, I’m 100% with Jennifer.

  7. Christina Adamski says:

    It breaks my heart for you guys. What a sweet family. Prayers–

  8. julie s says:

    Praying that your whole family can enjoy your time together with school ending. For strength and endurance and hope. You definitely had more than your share. Thanks for the update!

  9. Carl says:

    Everyone loves you Lindy. You shown more courage and strength than most people can imagine. Wishing you peace, love for the days ahead.

  10. Shana Washington says:

    Praying for you Lindy….I think about you everyday.

  11. Marcia Hoeksema says:

    Prayers for ALL of you!!!

  12. Sophie says:

    I don’t know you, but I stumbled across this blog and it’s made me reconsider so many things in my own life. I’ve been following your story and sending all of my positive thoughts your way. It’s not much, but I hope it’s good for something. I wish you only peace and healing.

  13. John, Pam, Brooke and Derek Jacobs says:

    So very glad to hear that you could come home. Please know that we are always keeping your family in our prayers!!

  14. Amy Sluiter says:


  15. Jane Rohlck says:

    Lindy and Dustin….prayers and peace I send to you both…..

  16. Kelli Huisenga says:

    Praying…you guys are ALWAYS in our prayers and hearts…know you’re all loved and uplifted by so many.

  17. Deb Dykstra says:


  18. Amy Machiela says:

    Talking to the great physician right now and begging Him to find a cure and heal you Lindy. You’re an inspiration and a true hero!!! Love and hugs!!!

  19. The Amayas says:

    Lifting your entire family up in our prayers. We can’t say that we understand what you all are going through, but will pray with the faith of a child. Love to you all!

  20. kathy terpstra says:

    Praying always for you and your family! Love you all!

  21. brandon meyer and his mommy Tracy says:

    Praying everyday for you Lindy!! Brandon wanted to tell Brooklyn he misses her he is praying!
    Tracy and Brandon

  22. Laurie Menken says:

    I am praying for all of you and for Lindy to get past this difficult hurdle. We think of you all the time.

  23. Sue Childress says:

    Covering your family in prayer..

  24. Miska Rynsburger says:

    Our family is praying for each of you. We’re praying for healing, and for peace, and for chemo. May you bask in the warmth of love from so many whom you have touched.

  25. Joyce Klynstra says:

    Praying daily for healing and for strength to deal with all this. Thanks for the update, it helps to know how to pray.

  26. Deb Huizenga says:

    Praying for strength for all of you!

  27. Susan Smith says:

    Prayers for all of you during this unbelievably difficult time. Wishing you love, comfort and peace.

  28. Anonymous says:

    You all are such an inspiration to us – keep fighting!

  29. Rhonda Byma says:

    Oh Dusty and Lindy, I’m so sorry Lindy went back to the hospital so soon. I hope and pray you are back home with your family now. Praying for all of you.

  30. Susan Weisenfeld says:

    Thinking about you all!

  31. Tracey (Larsen) Willemstein says:

    Praying for all of you!

  32. Megan VK says:

    Thinking of you all today. Hoping Lindy is doing better.

  33. Stacey "Sjaarda" Karel says:

    Praying for you Lindy!

  34. Angie Howell says:

    I’m so sorry you’ve been through so much lately–Lindy, you are incredibly strong, and you WILL overcome this latest setback. I’m sure it is hard to stay positive (that must be the understatement of the year), but you are so freakin’ tough that you will get through this. Sending so much love and so many prayers.

  35. dad ver beek says:

    Keep fighing Lindy…. You one of the most beautiful persons I know. Love Ya….

  36. Jaclyn Cooper says:

    Your whole family is surrounded by our prayers. May God give all of you peace and healing.

  37. Marianne Coughenour says:

    “Underneath are the everlasting arms.” Rest there.

  38. Ugh. I’m so at a loss. As I read through all the thoughtful comments all I can think of is lindys eloquent words as someone else wrote… “cancer sucks”. I’m so sorry you guys.

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